YunFang Solder’s advanced line of solder assembly materials consists of a wide variety of halogen-free, tin-lead and lead-free solder, including solder paste, liquid flux, cored wire, bar solder and more, on a global scale.


Our goal was to bring technical support and tips to everyone who needed it. In the beginning we started out concentrating on Soldering Materials and Soldering Equipment but over the years have added the everyday production supplies needed by our customers.
好彩客彩票 We serve a wide range of customers, from electronic assemblers to sheet metal fabricators, from auto electric component manufacturers to stained glass artisans and hobbyists.We operate at our China headquarters and we also open branches in India.


Our company was founded and continues to grow because of our dedication to the manufacturing of medical grade wire. Our mission is to continually improve the quality of our products, the speed with which we respond to customers’ requests, and our level of understanding of the materials we work with and recommend.

  • Customers are the focus for everything we do.
    好彩客彩票 The commitments we make to them must be met. This includes both the quality of our products and the deliveries that we promise.

  • Continual improvement in processes and products is essential to our success.
    We must continuously strive to improve everything we do: our products, the way our products are manufactured, the way we work together toward our goals, the efficiencies of our operations, and our profitability.

  • Research and development are keys to the future.
    Because the industries we serve are rapidly changing, we must allocate sufficient resources to develop new products and processes. We are also committed to supporting our customers’ product development through sample orders and research projects.

  • Employee involvement is critical to improving operations.
    好彩客彩票 We are a team. We must foster an environment of trust and respect to ensure the greatest contributions from all our people. The success of our company depends on the commitment of everyone toward our goals.

  • Integrity cannot be compromised.
    好彩客彩票 The conduct of our company must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity. Our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and especially ourselves must be based on honesty and mutual respect.



YunFang Metals has been an exceptional valued supply chain partner for over 5 years. They have excellent sales and customer service support along with solving any issues that may arise in a timely and accurate manner. They are always willing to help when needed and deliver a quality product on time.

Lucy Smith, CECT Electronics

YunFang Metals is one of our top 3 suppliers that has helped us save thousands of material spend every year. This relationship is truly a very valuable partnership.

Andy Jones, LED Lighting
When we choose flux, solder paste and other products, we pay great attention to the quality of the products. After the preliminary samples and qualifications, we found that YunFang Metals is indeed the quality supplier we are looking for. We looked at the test reports of their authoritative third-party test results and found that their products really met the national standards. After years of cooperation, we recognize the YunFang Metals brand.
Cary Watson, Midea Electric


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